New venture in
insulation in Sweden


We offer our customers an overall concept of technical insulation within the sectors industry, energy and building. We wish to have a good cooperation with both new customers and old contacts!


After working for over 60 years within technical insulation, we are now starting up Insutec Sweden AB.

Over the years, We have many years of experience working with various customers in the field of technical insulation. 


Some of the competitive advantages we offer; in addition to an outstanding experience in our industry:  

  • A personal treat and high quality services at competitive prices. 
  • We offer scaffolding for insulation projects.
  • We work with the project tool Bygglet, which gives you as customer a unique insight in our joint projects. 


  • Project management and delivery of industrial insulation 
  • Maintenance contract work on technical industrial insulation 
  • Scaffolding for insulation for projects and maintenance contracts

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Isoleringsgruppen Sverige

Isoleringsgruppen Sverige erbjuder ett unikt koncept som förenklar och effektiviserar administrationen för dig som är eller vill bli företagare inom teknisk isolering. Insutec är en del av Isoleringsgruppen Sverige AB. Läs mer >>
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